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VIEW magazine

Charleston, SC 1985

View magazine was published by Ink Publishing Inc from 1985 until 1989 in Charleston, South Carolina and at the time was the only publication in Charleston. at the time. The last issue of View was published the summer before Hurricane Hugo arrived in Charleston in October of 1989.  View was a lifestyle magazine with the romance of Charleston as the backdrop and enjoyed success. The View offices at the Charleston City Marina were ravaged by Hurricane Hugo as was all of Charleston. There was a thirty-four foot sailboat lying on its side on Lockwood Boulevard in front of the office the day after the storm and a slate roof tile stuck in the wooden door jam next to the door knob at the View office at the City Marina. Charleston and most businesses shut down for a long time. There will be a digital version of View magazine published within the Portal to Birmingham and Charleston 33 years after the last issue of View was published. View digital magazine will launch in March 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama and in the summer of 2022 in Charleston, SC.

Covers - year one May - June 1985 Volume I   Number  4 - Middle - year four Vol. 4   Number 15 -  year four Vol. 4   Number 18 - May - June 1989 was the final issue before the magazine was sold with John Doyle's Mosquito Fleet painting on the cover.  There was one more issue in July, 1989 #19. The Library Society on King Street supposedly has (had) a full set of the issues prior to the Category 5 Hurricane Hugo in October, 1989.

Founding Editor-in-Chief

LEGENDS magazine

Charleston, SC 1989

Legends magazine is published today and it is now in its 33rd year.  Legends magazine was created after Hurricane Hugo in 1989 to promote Kiawah Island.  For the premier issue, Wilson went to Atlanta to shoot the cover in a studio as the island was so torn up from the storm. The island's owner at the time, Charles P. "Buddy" Darby III, was brilliant and had the foresight to hire crews of talented people to work on the barrier island as the Category 5 Hurricane Hugo approached landfall. The morning after the storm, those crews were busy removing downed trees and debris, as architects and designers were also working on the land and the buildings.  In under two years, the island was transformed and ready for the nationally televised opening ceremonies of the PGA's premier international event, the 1991 Ryder Cup, that would be played on a new now world famous Pete Dye designed golf course built after the great storm in October of 1989, The Kiawah Island Ocean Course.

The Legends magazine covers above  - First year - Volume 1  #1 - The Island in the Stream still life - 1989 - 70,000 copies were mailed to selective lists all over America. The magazine won the Gold Ink Award that year - Middle - the cover for issue #3 with the opening of the 1991 Ryder Cup location, The Kiawah Island Ocean Course - Wilson - "walking out to the exciting end of the Ryder Cup match to #17 with Pete Dye, he said to me that all of the millionaire star golfers were upset with him for making the Ocean Course so difficult and that they had been scowling at him for days. They hate to look bad on television, Dye said." The American team all finished the last day of the ‘91 Ryder Cup in great spirits, winning the prestigious international event.  "To walk around the beautiful restored barrier island 22 miles South of Charleston for the those days and to attend the glittering international-themed parties in the evenings were unforgettable memories for that talented team and the Kiawah staff."  In 2013, Kiawah Island Resort sold for around $400 million dollars.  Third cover William Merritt Chase 1894 painting Idle Hours on an early cover of the contemporary popular magazine.

Volume XX   Number I      

In 1999 Kiawah Resort Associates brought Wilson back in to helm the 20th Anniversary Issue of Legends magazine. The original owner of Kiawah Charles P. "Buddy" Darby and his son Charles P. Darby IV are now working together on their new development, Christophe Harbour, on St Kitts.  St Kitts became home to the first Caribbean British and French colonies in the mid-1620s. Along with the island nation of Nevis, St Kitts was a member of the British West Indies until gaining independence in 1983. The island is one of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles and the stunning St Kitts has always done well since the 17th century.

Founding Editor-in-Chief/Publisher

HOUSE CALLS magazine

Charleston, SC 1991

After two years of meetings with David McNair, the Director of the Roper Hospital Foundation and its Board of Directors, House Calls was created and Gulfstream Communications was established in 1991 with the titles Legends magazine, Charleston Magazine and House Calls magazine. They all exist today and are in their 30th year, except for Legends, that is in its 31st year and it is now published in-house by the new owners of Kiawah Island.  The cover below is from House Calls Volume 1 Number 1. House Calls is also now a television show in Charleston.



Charleston, SC 1991

Charleston Magazine was first published in 1975 and went out of business in 1979 prior to Wilson's arrival there in 1991. The title rights were purchased in 1989 and the magazine enjoys success today in its 33rd year of publishing by Gulfstream Communications, a company Wilson founded in 1991.  Below is the 1991 cover featuring the Ace Basin and St. Helena Sound; the issue was a complete remake of the magazine with national advertising.

Founding Editor-in-Chief/Publisher


Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital

Charleston, SC 1994

Carolina Family was published  for only one year for the Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital.  A new Director of the Children's Hospital Fund wanted to take a new direction upon her arrival at the Fund and the magazine had a short but prolific lifespan.

Founding Editor-in-Chief/Publisher


Charleston, SC 1996

Charleston Traveler was both a printed guide and a website (below) in the early days of the Internet in 1996. Below is an example of the Internet version.  In 1999 Charleston Traveler was enjoying 98,000 unique visitors a day from all over the globe. Published by Wilson Hill Publishing with the talented Associate Publisher George Hill. The printed guide book sold out at locations throughout Charleston and Charleston Traveler will be brought back to life with the digital launching of the Charleston Portal twenty six years after it was first published in 1996 at  in the summer of  2022.  Also, in the late Spring of 2022 will launch in Birmingham, Alabama.



Presentation Programs Twentieth Anniversary

Charleston, SC 1996

Each year Spoleto Festival USA would choose one individual in Charleston to produce the Spoleto Presentation Programs. 1996 was the year that the current Director of  Spoleto Festival USA, Nigel Redden,  returned to the helm of the now wildly successful International Festival in both Sspoleto, Italy and Charleston, SC. 1996 was also the 20th Anniversary of the Festival and with Nigel Redden's leadership, the festival is today one of the finest cultural festivals in America.

Founding Editor-in-Chief/Publisher


South Carolina Maritime Foundation

Charleston, SC 2002

Voyage was created in 2002 with Pierre Manigault and Robert Edward (Teddy) Turner IV to assist with the completion of the construction of the Tall Ship, The Spirit of South Carolina, that today sails the waters off of Charleston and the world as a Good Will Ambassador to the City of Charleston. Voyage was published for the South Carolina Maritime Foundation and The Spirit of South Carolina is the Holy City's magnificent Tall Ship.  Tommy Baker and Mike Bennett purchased The Spirit of South Carolina out of a financial pickle and restored her with the help of Charlie Dana, and the Newport Shipyard in Newport, Rhode Island. This gave the Maritime Foundation a breath of new life in Charleston.  With the help of Hank Hofford (without whom there would be no Tall Ship for the City of Charleston) Pierre Manigault and his late father Peter, Bunky Whitman, Teddy Turner, and the other fine Maritime Board members the Port City of Charleston now has a  maritime legacy deserving of her historical significance. Recently, Michael Bennett and Tommy Baker gifted the Tall Ship to the City of Charleston. The cover photograph below by Brianna Stello features two members of the 2002 United States National Champions College of Charleston Sailing Team on Charleston Harbor.

Founding Editor-in-Chief


Charleston, S.C. 2004


Premier Issue

Volume 1 Number 1

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Charleston, S.C.  2007

 Premier Issue

Volume 1 Number 1

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